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Breast Augmentation - dawn26
I am very happy with my results, 1 year post op and I cant imagine going back to my before. The size, shape and placement is perfect. I Have had many compliments from friends and family that they look natural and are very suited to my size and shape, they look like what I should have had.

I had my implants placed over the muscle and considering my active lifestyle I definitely made the right choice and I am thankful that this was discussed in great detail before. I have very physically active and train for fitness competitions so it is very important that my lifestyle was taken into consideration.

I can honestly say that I feel so much more confident and comfortable with my shape now, I always felt like I was missing what made me more feminine, especially as I get fit and lean. I am finally able to wear strapless dresses without stressing over how I will be able to keep all the padding in place.
I wish I knew about getting treatment done abroad years earlier. It was always a concern to be somewhat helpless at home trying to recover, I live alone and with family not close by I would have had to hire a nurse, this was a perfect solution, all inclusive relaxing resort to recover at was so simple and hassle free, although recovery was very quick for me and was not as uncomfortable as I had expected. I wish I would have had a few more days between surgery and my flight home, that was the only tough part for me.

Everything went exactly as expected and as planned. Not a moment of doubt, before, during or after. Everything from the conversations before the procedure via email or the phone to the actual procedure and follow up has been great.

Liposuction - MomX5
Dr. Cepeda came highly recommended - from as far as Canada! The staff were all professional and the Doctor was very expereinced. He answered all my questions and was thorough with all his examinations and tests. I felt confident in his capable hands. After lots of research I decided to have a Mommy Makeover. I have healed wonderfully and the results have been better than expected!
Breast Augmentation - Wantsbiggergirls
I went to cancun Mexico almost 1 year ago. I am happy with my results (compared to before) BUT definitely feel the size of my implant could have been way bigger. Not because I want to have that fake look but because the doc has moved my nipple up 2cm!!!! Yes crazy I know. I was very saggy and deflated and knowing what I know know my 380cc implants are giving me a e-f cup size but I have NO fullness:((( and I want some. Not a huge amount and I don't want a bigger bra size. Anyone have any ideas? How much cc do I have to go up to see a bit of fullness.
Blepharoplasty - AussieChick2011

All I can say is be patient, it takes a while (several weeks) for everything to really settle down. When it does, the results are amazing. I would have it done again.

I cannot comment on the actual cost as I have this procedure done along with breast augmentation and a MACS lift.


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