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Rhinoplasty - Vanessa
Hello, I would like to share my experience. It has been exactly one month since  Dr. Pedro Arturo Valdez performed a  rhinoplasty, Bichectomy and mentoplasty.  At first,  I was not sure if I wanted to do all the procedures at once because I was uncertain about how I was going to look after the surgery (especially with the chin implant. But after t having the pre-surgery appointment with the doctor,  I was convinced that it would improve my appearance. The doctor explained the procedure in detail which helped me to understand the surgery plan clearly.

As for the recovery honestly I had no trouble except for breathing through my nose,  swelling & minimal bruising under the eyes (which is normal) for a few days after the surgery. I loved how Bichectomy defined my face and was what I noticed the most because despite not being a person overweight, a had a round face. Also I do not regret the Mentonplasty, as it brought the overall balance to my face.

When I returned to work, my colleagues noticed a positive change in my appearance and others did not know what I had done but I noticed something different and now I feel great!

 Furthermore both doctors, nurses and the patient coordinator made me feel secure. I made the best decision!

Facelift - Anonymous
I am very grateful to each of the doctors at Perfection Clinic whom gave be support when I needed it the most. I am also thankful with the nurses and driver who were pending for my every need after the surgery. I am happy with my results. I hope that you all keep working as a great team that you are.

Rhinoplasty - Lluvia
I would like to share my experience regarding the life change that took place after I had this surgery because now I am more sure of myself and my whole aspect of myself has changed in a positive way. The process was easy and fast. The doctors and their medical personnel made me feel very comfortable and resolved all my doubts. The surgery clinic was very comfortable and the medical service was wonderful. Without the special attention that I received I would not have been able to make this important decision to do the surgery. Thank you for all the attention that I received. 
Blepharoplasty - Diana
It has been 5 months since I had my surgery at Perfection Clinic. I can confidently say that the nurses and obviously the doctors are completely professional and my results were great and I am completely satisfied! I highly recommend the doctors for plastic surgery needs! I will definitely return for more procedures without any doubt!

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