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Rhinoplasty - Precious Doyles
My wonderful journey with Perfection Makeover and Laser Center began in 2013. I wanted cosmetic surgery and conducted research for a year tin the U.S. and other countries to find the best doctor who was certified and conducted great work in a safe environment. After a year of searching, I was convinced that Perfection Makeover and laser center was the right choice! I initially had breast augmentation, lift, and liposuction. My patient coordinator Robyn, was patient, informative, enthusiastic, and always ensured that I was knowledgeable on the procedures that I would decide to have. After a year of waiting, I decided this was the best choice for me. During my initial procedure, Dr. González and his staff were professional, experienced, and ensured that only the best staff was on hand for treatment. My first surgery I experienced very little pain and the results were nothing short of beautiful. All while enjoying a wonderful vacation.  

 Due to the amazing price and exceptional results, I had to come back. I have since had other procedures done as recently as 2014 by Dr. González.  Not to my surprise his practice has grown. I have referred ALL of my friends to Dr. González and I prefer coming to this facility all the way from the U.S. which saves me money, while looking great and remaining in the upmost care by the Perfection Makeover staff. I would recommend anyone looking to have cosmetic surgery to give perfection a call in the first step toward changing your appearance and your life!

Thank you Perfection for your professionalism and assistance toward perfecting my body in the best care!

Breast Augmentation - Kelly King
I wanted to have a breasts lift and augmentation and a tummy tuck but was not sure where to go and I wanted to make sure that the care was great. 

When I started researching places I knew I wanted to have it done it Mexico because we have a home in Chelem, Yucatan and the care is outstanding.  I had found a Dr. that would be in Merida and it definitely would have been more convenient but the more I researched doctors I came across Perfection Makeover and Laser Center and started communicating with Robyn the coordinator and there was something about her that made me decide that this was definitely the place for me.  I had looked at other reviews of both doctors and knew I was getting it done there even though I had to get a hotel and would costs me a little more than getting it done in Merida.

My surgery was scheduled for April 17th and when I went for my blood tests and EKG the cardiologist told me my blood pressure was too high and I could not have surgery on the 17th.  After I was done crying because I wanted this done so bad I realized they actually cared about my health and it wasn´t about dollars or numbers.  They worked with me and was able to regulate my blood pressure and I was able to have the surgery on the 18th of April. 

I felt fantastic when I woke up from surgery and that has never happened in the United States and I have had many different surgeries.  The pain medication is non-narcotic unlike the states and I was a little nervous about that but I didn´t need a narcotic at all.  This was just a fantastic experience and I will tell all of my friends.  I feel like I came here to have surgery but ended up with more friends also.  Robyn was a key factor in choosing Perfection Makeover and Laser Center because she was with me every step of the way.  I was given her cell number and Dr. Valdez´s cell number.  As I said before I couldn´t be happier.  I am coming back in September to get a few more things done.  I could go on and on but I don´t want to bore anyone.  I personally believe that the medical care in Mexico is 100% better than the states.

Happy as can be

Scar removal - Luke Allum
I'm writing as I've been meaning to let you know that the Scar revision product is working really well, and the scar has diminished considerably still only about 1/3 of the way into the bottle, so thank you to you and the Doctor for recommending this for me! I'm very happy about the results, and the service you offered was top notch.

Facelift - Gabriela
Excellent experience with Perfection, first class attention, excellent installations and the best surgical equipment… and my results were better than satisfying. See you for the next surgery!!!

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