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The desire for bigger, fuller breasts is natural; a breast augmentation procedure enlarges and enhances the bust line with the placement of implants. The procedure can use either silicone or saline implants to increase the volume of the breasts. The type that is right for you can be determined during a consultation. If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation with implants, contact the Cancun, Mexico practice of Perfection Makeover and Laser Center.

About Breast Augmentation

Ideal breast augmentation candidates are over the age of 18, in good health, and free from any conditions which could compromise the surgery (e.g., heavy smokers, having a cardiovascular condition).

Breast enhancement is specially tailored to each patient. The type of implant used, placement of the implant, and the incision location all depend on the particular patient’s needs and goals. A consultation between the patient and the surgeon will help to solidify the approach and techniques that are used.

During the surgery, after anesthesia has been administered to the patient, the plastic surgeon makes the incision in the selected location. This could be underneath the breast crease, around the nipple, or in the armpit. The surgeon inserts the implant through the incision and creates a pocket in which the implant will rest – either above or below the chest muscle. After the implant has been properly positioned, the surgeon closes the incisions with sutures. As the patient recovers from surgery, she will probably be sore and tender. Pain medication and plenty of rest will help mitigate any discomfort.

If you have questions about breast augmentation with implants, contact our Mexico practice today.

Breast Implants

Implants are filled with either saline or silicone solutions, each of which has a slightly different look and feel. Saline implants come in round and teardrop shapes, and can be filled to the patient and surgeon’s liking. They are usually filled during surgery with a saltwater solution, which makes them very safe; should the saline liquid leak out of the implant, the body will naturally absorb it. The disadvantage to saline breast implants is they reveal rippling in the lining more easily than silicone implants, as they do not provide as much resistance as silicone. If a woman lacks an abundance of natural breast tissue, this can be even more obvious. Saline implants also carry the risk of capsular contracture, in which scar tissue forms around the implants, squeezing them and causing the breasts to harden.

Silicone implants have a silicone shell surrounding a silicone-based gel. They tend to be more natural in both look and feel. They are less prone to rippling, and are a popular choice for thinner women who do not have a lot of natural breast tissue. The disadvantage to silicone implants is that if they rupture, it is not immediately evident, as the silicone-based gel slowly leaks from the implant. They also have a higher rate of capsular contraction than saline implants. Silicone implants also come pre-filled, and require a larger incision for insertion

When deciding which implant will better suit your needs, goals, and body type, it’s best to consult with a qualified, experienced breast augmentation surgeon. Contact our practice to set up your own consultation.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is beneficial because it:

  • Makes smaller breasts appear larger

  • Balances breasts that are asymmetrical

  • Restores fullness that has diminished with age or as a result of pregnancy

  • Increases clothing options

  • Enhances self-esteem and confidence

Breast Augmentation Risks

Breast augmentation and implant risks include:

  • Capsular contraction

  • Rupture of implants

  • Leakage of saline or silicone material

  • Rippling of the implants

  • Post-operative infection or hematoma

  • Loss of nipple sensation

  • Breastfeeding complications


I am really pleased with my result. The price was the exact same as I was quoted. The doctor did amazing, my breast was really asymmetrical and he made it symmetrical. Everybody was so nice. Robyn was my coordinator, she's the best. I love the result so far and it only been 9 days since my surgery and my breast is already looking great. A big thank you to Alfonso Gonsalez and Robyn!

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If you’re interested in enhancing your bust, a breast augmentation procedure at our Cancun, Mexico surgical center may be for you. Please contact Perfection Makeover and Laser Center today. A patient coordinator will happily assist you with your arrangements.

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